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12/01/02, Servers: Standards, Safe Buying to Drive Server Market in 2003
12/01/02, Networking: Internet Networking Technology at the Edge
12/01/02, Case Study: Space Holdings Manages Content
12/01/02, Setting Accurate Spending Priorities
12/01/02, Ensure the Integrity of Financials
12/01/02, Forward Thinking: A Mission for Web Services

11/01/02, News Analysis: No Quick Fix for Enterprise Security

10/01/02, Business Lab: Military Health System Protects Patient Data: HIPAA

09/01/02, Supply Chain Knowledge Is the Answer: Managing the supply chain

08/26/02, Element 5 AG's Solution for Outsourcing Software Distribution
08/07/02, Model N Expands Presence in Life Sciences Industry: Supply chain management
2, Profile: Leveraging Linux: IBM's Boas Betzler
08/01/02, Unite and Decentralize: When Major League Baseball's e-tail efforts
08/01/02, Leveraging the Customer: CRM Packages for Financial Services Firms
08/01/02, Strategic Advances: The Speed of Information
08/01/02, Global Business Monitor: Partnering with the Germans

07/22/02, Five Questions with neoIT's Atul Vashistha
07/15/02, SPSS Pairs Analytics with Bioinformatics
07/08/02, Digex, Despite Unsteady Market, Rolls out Business Continuity Offering
07/01/02, Internet Whirl: Insight into Your Assets: Leverage the info about your systems
07/01/02, Business Lab: Bayer Stabilizes Its Firewalls: Rainfinity's firewall protection
07/01/02, Reality Check: Help Wanted: Security Management: Many apps, many managers?
07/01/02, Case Study: Power Play: Microsoft Keeps Its Tech Center Humming

06/24/02, Major League Baseball Outsources Its E-Commerce Structure
06/24/02: Loudcloud Sells Managed Hosting Business to EDS, Changes Name
06/01/02, Strategic Outlook: True Grid: A look at grid computing
06/01/02, Internet Whirl: On the Record: Sometimes Technology Business People Say the Darndest Things
06/01/02, Profile: The R&D Imperative: Agilent's Tom Saponas
06/01/02, Internet World Interview: Going Global: PWC Consulting's Global CRM Leader Talks About What Consulting Firms Bring to the Tab

05/02/02, Security Matters Newsletter Commentary: Like "The X-Files" Says, Trust No One: Lessons from Internet World Spring 2002
05/01/02, Company to Watch: Advanced Reality
05/01/02, VoIP: No Longer a Pipe Dream: Communications Services
05/01/02, Strategic Outlook: Never a Dull Moment: Service providers

05/01/02, Internet Whirl: The Extended Enterprise: Divine Inc's Flip Filipowski

04/25/02, Security Matters Newsletter Commentary: Threats from Grid Computing
04/08/02, Web Hosting Newsletter, Inkra Networks and the Virtualization of Hosting Applications
04/04/02, M-Commerce World newsletter: SavaJe Extends Java to Smartphones
04/01/02, Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Enterprises Need to Automate and Translate the Handling of Text and Audio Language Translation
04/01/02, Internet Whirl: Calling Granny Weatherwax: Bringing "Headology" to the Task of Making Digital Signatures More Trusted and the Process Better Understood
04/01/02, Protect Your Data Inside and Out: Security goes beyond The Maginot line of firewalls

03/28/02, Security Matters Newsletter Commentary: How Dissatisfied Are Customers with Security Products? IntruVert's story
03/14/02, Security Matters: HireRight Suggests an Entrance Exam: Who are you hiring?
03/13/02, Storage Matters: Genuity and EMC Team up for Storage-Over-IP Offering
03/07/02, M-Commerce World: Microsoft and TI Preview Smartphones: Microsoft and Texas Instruments at Cannes
03/01/02, Strategic Outlook: Easy to Digest: The Key Words in ERP Today are Web Enablement, Modularity, and Open Standards
03/01/02, Digital Dollars:
Automation of the payments process
03/01/02, Internet Whirl: A Global Target: HP Services Raises its Voice and Demands to be Heard

02/28/02, Security Matters: Sun's Bundled Security Solution: Sun's security partners
Security Matters Commentary: Security Lessons from Science Fiction: Dr. Michio Kaku and the future of e-security
02/27/02, Storage Matters: Sun's "All in the Family" Storage Message: Sun, Sun, and more Sun
02/14/02, Security Matters Commentary: Profiling Internet Security Victims

02/14/02, Authenex Makes the Authentication Key Literal: Something you have...
02/01/02, Internet Whirl: The Galactic Whirlpool: Sun Microsystems' grid technology for clusters
02/01/02, GE's Super-Powered Credit Card
02/01/02, Procurement: Getting the Right Stuff
1/22/02, Business Intelligence: The Body Shop's High-Touch Campaign Solution: Sightward's software for marketing campaigns
1/17/02, Security Matters newsletter: Tis the Season: Planning for the New Year: a to-do list for 2002
1/17/02, Security Matters newsletter: Protecting Web Applications and Data: Sanctum's solution
1/03/02, Security Matters newsletter: Lotus and Instant Messaging Security in the Enterprise: gotta protect the data
1/02/02, Storage Matters newsletter: Sun's Hot Spots in Network Storage in 2002: Where investment will be
1/01/02, Business Lab: South Florida Water Management District: Staying a steady course
1/01/02, Strategic Outlook: Unifying the Supply Chain: Collaboration is moving deeper into the supply chain process
1/01/02, Internet Whirl: As Dakota Goes...: Online university

12/20/01, Five Questions with SystemExperts' Brad C. Johnson: 802.11 security
12/20/01, Commentary: Corporate Information Security for Real People: Ease-of-use vs. greater efficiency
12/06/01, Security Matters Commentary Would You Hire a Hacker? Depends; do you feel lucky, punk?
12/06/01, Sigaba's One-Key Solution for Secure E-mail: Well, it's about Sigaba's one-key solution for secure e-mail
12/06/01, Digital Defense's Frontline 2.0: You're All in the Army, Now: Security
12/05/01, Storage Spending—A Bright Spot in Tight Economy: Reports from the field
12/01/01, Reality Check: You Get What You Pay For
12/01/01, Denial of Service: A Good Offense
12/01/01, Internet Whirl: When CRM Fails: Sometimes the human element is fine; it's the database that's whacked

11/26/01, Business Intelligence Newsletter: Stratify's Strategy to Make a Big Market out of Unstructured Data: Nimish Mehta's big dreams
11/22/01, Security Matters Newsletter Commentary: Managing the Expected Increase in Security Funding
11/22/01, Security Matters Newsletter: Microsoft Touts .Net Security and the Federation of Security: .Net and security
11/08/01, Security Matters Newsletter Commentary: The Years After: Businesses need to prove that one wake-up call is enough
11/08/01, Security Matters Newsletter: Private and Public Partnership Opportunities Becoming Clearer: Lessons of Sept. 11 for security firms
11/01/01, Just-in-Time Recovery: IBM's disaster-recovery services
11/01/01, Global Business Monitor: A Security Giant's Inroads Into Asia
11/01/01, Internet Whirl: Not Mr. Know-It-All: To devise more-exact IT plans, know what you can't know

10/01/01, J2EE and .Net: Bridging Troubled Waters: Developers offer solutions for connecting .Net and J2EE
10/01/01, Internet Whirl: AIMing at Enterprises: Tools that enable private chat fill a neglected business need

9/26/01, Dot Hill's Swiss Army Knife Storage Approach: Everything-in-a-box
9/15/01, Internet Whirl: The Davids Inside Goliath: Internet technology lets regular folk handle technical tasks
9/15/01, Profile: Third Time's a Charm: CEO Chen of Vweb
9/13/01, After Zero Hour: The World Trade Center Tragedy
9/01/01, Internet Whirl: Anonymous Peering: Liquidnet

8/01/01, Internet Whirl: Calm Before the Storm: Intel's enterprise efforts
>Read the entire article (introduction to In Focus: Germany)
>The German advertising industry deals with privacy controls
>Germany nurtures its next generation of e-business leaders
>German firms use partnerships to leverage assets
>Benefits and perils of working with the German government
>The German e-business market offers hot opportunities to U.S. firms
>Worth A Look

7/15/01, Profile: Techie On Call: Gary Griffiths and Everdream's outsourced IT services
7/15/01, Internet Whirl: Business Is Not War: Annoying business strategy theories
7/01/01, Internet Whirl: Walls Into Bridges: German media agency uses partnerships to leverage its assets

6/21/01, Internet Whirl: Microsoft Makes Its Mobile Play
6/20/01, Gates Announces Developer Tools for the "XML Era"
6/15/01, Reality Check: Global Languages Aren't Universal
6/15/01, Internet Whirl: Grin and Bear It
6/13/01, Internet Whirl: If Only We Had a Free Market in E-Business
6/7/01, Internet Whirl: Globalizing E-Business
6/1/01, Internet World Interview: Peter S. Tippett: Extended interview with the TruSecure security guru (Note: link takes you to the Internet World site)
6/1/01, Internet Whirl: Programming Politics: The virtue of patience and the usefulness of lobbyists
6/1/01, Panasonic Looks to the Net to Curb Health-Care Costs

5/31/01, Internet Whirl: Why Reputation Matters Even to the Anonymous: Opion's message-board reputation tracker
5/24/01, Internet Whirl: Ford's Search for Employee Training and Education: e-learning
5/18/01, Germany's Internet Advertisers Deal with Controls: Privacy and German advertising
5/17/01, Internet Whirl: Germany's Next Generation of E-Business: Youth and such at Internet World Berlin 2001
5/10/01, Internet Whirl, The Other Open-Access Debate: Section 508 compliance
5/02/01, Internet Whirl: Engaging Your New E-Customers: Meet the masses
5/01/01, Internet Whirl: Games Employers Play: Some incentives are just stupid human (resources) tricks

4/26/01, Internet Whirl: Tackling an Age-Old Problem
4/23/01, IRS Gains E-Speed
4/19/01, Internet Whirl: Bring the Adults Back Out of the Basement
4/12/01, Internet Whirl: Corporate Tax Departments Get the Tech Edge
4/11/01, Financial Services Firms Told to Go Slow with New Products
4/5/01, Internet Whirl: Playing Catch-Up: Updating previous columns

3/29/01, Internet Whirl: Learning to Live with Insecurity
3/22/01, Internet Whirl: Alphaville Calls Some Music Industry Bluffs
3/15/01, Internet Whirl: The Gildered Age
3/15/01, Internet Whirl: What's Mine Is Yours: Your personal data
3/1/01, Internet Whirl: The Next Step for E-Mail: Silverpop's e-mail solution
3/1/01, One Microsoft Indivisible

2/23/01, Commentary: Wireless Businesses Walk the Line on Enthusiasm
2/22/01, Internet Whirl: Looking for Opportunities in Globalism: Bob Adams' Global Development Center and 3565 Inc.
2/15/01, Internet Whirl: Whatever Happened to Good Internet Fraud?
2/8/01, Internet Whirl: Powell's Marching Orders May Spur New Media
2/1/01, Internet Whirl: Where Are the Jacobins When You Need Them

1/24/01, Internet Whirl: When Dot-Com and Dot-De Go Head-to-Head 
1/19/01, Internet Whirl: The Exodus to Come
1/15/01, Are You Shark Bait?
1/10/01, Internet Whirl: It Must Be a Real Recession, Then
1/3/01, Internet Whirl: Every Day Is Christmas for Amazon 

12/22/00, The Most Underreported Stories of 2000
12/20/00, Internet Whirl: E-Business Rediscovers Unions
12/13/00, Internet Whirl: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Desperation 
12/6/00, Internet Whirl: Introducing the New Honda Verizon: Stupid Net company names 

11/29/00, Internet Whirl: Fandom Hunts for B2C Gold in Old Media
11/22/00, Internet Whirl: When a Simple Web Design will Do Just Fine
11/15/00, Internet Whirl: A reason for broadband fans to wake up
11/14/00, Netscape 6 and the Laffer Curve
11/7/00, Internet Whirl: Enjoying the Search for the Killer App
11/1/00, Internet Whirl: Small companies are Net companies, too

10/23/00, Voteauction.com comes back as Vote-auction.com
10/18/00, Internet Whirl: Voteauction.com's Failed Attempt at E-Commerce
10/9/00, Whopper Navy Contract Boosts EDS
10/1/00, Established firms and startups use the Net to empower a new breed of investor

9/13/00, AmEx tries to plug a sieve with online credit effort

8/30/00, Alta Vista UK managing director exits stage left
8/16/00, Suits by freelancers may rewrite online reprint rules
8/17/00, Amazon, Toysrus to launch cobranded toy store 
8/8/00, Verizon takes stake in NorthPoint, plans to make DSL respectable
8/3/00, Ad Servers Charge Microsoft Browser Patch with Discrimination

3/21/00, Palm lands Yahoo as a content provider
3/10/00, Bezos Favors Patent Reform, Won't Disarm Unilaterally
3/03/00, IBM Pitches Tarted Up OS for E-Commerce

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